What to Expect

Wondering What Modern Messianic Judaism Looks Like?A Service at Beth Ariel LA is both familiar and new. With a Mix of Jewish Traditions and Modern Atmosphere. You will leave our service ready for more.

What to expect?

Curious about what our service looks like?


Torah Class: Tarzana Only. The Torah Class meets at 9:30am – 10:30am every Shabbat.
This class explores the weekly Torah Portion reading in a thought provoking and exciting way. Everyone is Welcome!

Service: Roughly about 90 Minutes

Candles: Every Beth Ariel LA Service Starts with Shabbat Candle Lighting including a Hebrew and English Blessing to the Lord as well as a reading from the book of Isaiah.

Reciting the Liturgy reminds us of the roots of our faith and helps us remember what it is all about, worshiping the God of Israel.

Worship: Worship at Beth Ariel LA is unlike anything you have ever seen. With a Combination of Modern Worship songs sang in most churches Sunday Mornings to Hebrew Worship Songs Taken Straight From the Bible.

Meet and Greet: Between Worship and the Teaching there will be a brief time for the Congregation to wish each other a Hearty Shabbat Shalom, Because Beth Ariel LA is a family many people greet each other with a hug. There is NO Obligation for you to Hug anyone that you don’t want to.

Teaching: No nonsense teaching from the Bible, the teaching at Beth Ariel LA is Yeshua (Jesus) focused and each message will help your understanding of not only God but who you are in Him. Unique Biblical insight and Historical Knowledge will keep your attention and excited to come back.

Giving: Like every congregation Beth Ariel LA is dependent on the generous gifts of others. After the Sermon is over there will be opportunity to give. You may choose to participate or not, there is NO obligation for you to give. If you want to give but have no cash on you. You can give using your phone, by texting “Give” to 925-718-0020. Or Online on our Giving Page.

Benediction: After the Time of Giving we have one Final Worship Song and then there is a reciting of the Aaronic Priestly Blessing over the congregation, with Messiah Yeshua at the center.

Nosh: After every Service (Except Yom Kippur) We Celebrate a Time of Fellowship with Great Food and Awesome People. Nosh is where friends are made.

Kids and Students


When your kids are between the ages of 0 – Kinder ages this is the place for them. Our Nursery is staffed my caring Parents that will love your kids as much as their own.
Nursery is Available For the Entire Service.

Available in Valenica with The Higher Vision Church Kids team.


During our Tarzana service, our elementary ministry has classes available during the Holiday services. During the rest of the year we encourage families to worship together.

Available in Valenica with The Higher Vision Church Kids team.


Ages 13-18 worship and learn together with their families


What do I wear?

Come as you are. From Shorts to Suits and Everything In between. Everyone is Welcome.

What Bible do I need?

Any Version You Like is Fine. Rabbi Gary typically preaches from the English Standard Version.

Do I have to be Jewish to come?

No, our community is filled with people of all ethnic backgrounds and ages. All are Welcome to Worship with us and become Members regardless of Heritage.


What an amazing experience. Thank you to all of the wonderful people we meet that made our visit so welcoming.- Cheyene Urrutia

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